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Sopharma medical devices

Presented here in this lists are Sopharma medical devices with brand name followed by INN name, pharmaceutical form and strength, package size.

Product name INN Pharmaceutical form Pharmaceutical strength Package size
Hialurom Hondro Sodium hyaluronate/chondroitin sodium sulphate Solution for injection in pre-filled syringe 60 mg/90 mg/3 ml 1 prefilled syringe
Natrium citricum Sodium citrate dihydrate In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device 31 mg/ml 10 ampoules x 1 ml;
50 ampoules x 1 ml;
10 ampoules x 5 ml;
50 ampoules x 5 ml
Glicerax Glycerol glycerol suppositories 700 mg 1 blister x 6 suppositories
Glicerax Glycerol glycerol suppositories 1400 mg 1 blister x 6 suppositories

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