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SOPHARMA is one of the biggest and established manufactures of medicines in Bulgaria. The nomenclature of the Company exceeds 170 medications including almost all pharmacotherapeutic groups.

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SOPHARMA is the only Bulgarian manufacturer of suppositories and solutions for injection for humane medicine. The Company is the owner of a significant number of patents and know-how for more than 300 technologies. Most valuable are the Company’s own original developments in the field of phytochemistry, used for preparation of pure medicinal substances and extracts of medicinal plants. Among them, the products Tribestan®, Nivalin®, Carsil®, Tabex®, Phytin stand out for their high value and international recognition. A priority place in the investment policy is given to the development of manufacture, in compliance with the requirements for Good Manufacturing Practice.

SOPHARMA is a founder-member of the Association of Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers; a member of the European Generic Association. The Company is a member also of the European organisation of manufacturers of medicines sold over the counter, the so-called OTC- products; a member of the European organization of small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies. The main mission of SOPHARMA is to manufacture high-quality, accessible and efficient medicinal products that will guarantee the health and life of consumers.

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