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Vegetotropic Drugs

. Adrenaline
. Atropine sulfate
. Baycain
. Bromatropin
. Dicaine
. Lidocaine
. Nivalin
. Novadren
. Novoplex
. Procaine
. Pymadin
. Tabex
. Xylodren

Phytochemical Products from Plant origin

. Tribestan

Pharmaceutical substances

. Silymarin
. Cytisine
. Esculin
. Galantamine bromide
. Glaucin hydrobromide
. Phytin
. Peflavit
. Tribulus terrestris
. Valerian dry extract

Pharmaceutical products

Fifteen categories




StockNo Product description
EB0280-418-08 NIVALIN AMPOULE 1 MG/1ML (0.1%)
EB0280-418-18 NIVALIN AMPOULE 10 MG/1ML (1%)
EB0280-418-17 NIVALIN AMPOULE 2.5 MG/1ML (0.25%)
EB0280-418-16 NIVALIN AMPOULE 5 MG/1ML (0.5%)
EB0280-418-27 NIVALIN TABL 1 MG X 50
EB0280-418-09 NIVALIN TABL 5 MG X 50
EB0280-418-41 NIVALIN TABL 10 MG X 20
EB0280-418-28 NIVABEX SYRUP W/ VIT B 125 ML
EB0280-418-29 NIVALIN SYRUP 125 ML (0.5 MG/1ML)


Galanthamine hydrochloride 1 mg/1 ml; 2.5 mg/l ml; 5 mg/l ml; 10 mg/l ml in one ampoule and 1 mg and 5 mg in one tablet

Alkaloid obtained from the Bulgarian snowdrop Galanthus nivalis var. gracilis, similar in pharmacologic properties to physostigmine and neostigmine. It acts as a strong reversible inhibitor of cholinesterase and increases the receptor sensitivity to acethylcholine. It facilitates stimulation conduction in the neuromuscular synapses and restores neuromuscular conduction when blocked bynondepolarizing neuromuscular blockers. Nivalin passes through the hematoencephalic barrier, facilitates impulse conduction in CNS and enhances excitation processes. It enhances the tone of the smooth muscles and enhances the secretion of the gastrointestinal and perspiration glands, provokes contraction of the pupil. It acts as antagonist to the suppressing action of morphine and of its structural analogues on the respiratory center.

Nivalin is absorbed very quickly, therapeutic plasma concentrations are reached 25-30 min after oral or subcutaneous application and last for 5 h.

Poliomyelitis - immediately after bringing down the temperature during both restorative and residual periods. Myasthenia, myopathy, motor and sensory disturbances connected with diseases and traumatic injuries of the nervous system, polyneuritis, radiculitis, radiculoneuritis, myelitis; after-effects of diseases of the cerebral vessels; lower tone of the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal and urinary tracts.

Bronchial asthma, bradycardia, stenocardia, cardiac decompensation, epilepsy, hyperkinesis.

In adequate doses, the preparation is well tolerated. Overdosage and individually increased sensitivity may cause abundant salivation, perspiration, vomiting or dizziness. If such symptoms appear, the daily dose is reduced or the treatment is discontinued for 2-3 days, to be continued later with lower doses. If necessary, atropine may be used as an antidote.

The daily dose for adults at subcutaneous application is 0.00125-0.0025 (= 0.25-3 ml of 0.5 % solution); the treatment of children is carried out by scheme according to the age from 0.00025-0.001 (one-year old) to 0.0012-0.0125 (15-year old). The preparation is better tolerated by children. The duration of the treatment depends on the specificities of the disease and on the effectiveness of the treatment, usually lasting 40-50 days. The treatment course may be applied 2-3 times a year at an interval of 1-1 1/2 months. If higher doses are necessary, the daily dose may be given in two applications for better tolerance.
As an anticurare drug, Nivalin is injected intravenously: adults - 0.01-0.02; children - according to age.
The tablets are administered 3-4 times daily at total daily dose of 5-10 mg, always after meals, for 4-5 weeks. The high doses are applied over a shorter period of time.
The preparation is applied also by means of electrophoresis.

Ampoules of 1 mg/ l ml (0.1 %), 2.5 mg/ l ml (0.25 %), 5 mg/ l ml (0.5 %) and 10 mg/ l ml (1 %) in packs of 10, 50 and 100;
Tablets of 1 mg and 5 mg - in packs of 50.

At moderate temperature (15-30 C).

5 (five) years.



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