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Drugs acting upon the Central Nervous System

. Acidum nicotinicum
. Alcozin
. Bellergamin
. Calcium bromatum
. Centrophenoxin
. Chlorazin
. Cinnarizin
. Codeinum phosphoricum
. Coffeinum-Natrio benzoicum
. Diazepam
. Hexadorm-Calcium
. Metoclopramid
. Natrium bromatum
. Omnoponum
. Orocetam
. Phenobarbitalum
. Psychoforin
. Pyramem
. Tempalgin
. Valoron
. Yohimbin

Phytochemical Products from Plant origin

. Tribestan

Pharmaceutical substances

. Silymarin
. Cytisine
. Esculin
. Galantamine bromide
. Glaucin hydrobromide
. Phytin
. Peflavit
. Tribulus terrestris
. Valerian dry extract

Pharmaceutical products

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EB028041026 YOHIMBIN TABL 10 MG X 10
Yohimbin hydrochloride 10 mg in one tablet.

Yohimbin is a preparation of plant origin with a marked aphrodisiac effect. It is methyl ester of yohimbine acid isolated from the plant Corynanthe yohimbe. It dilates the blood vessels in the zone of the small pelvis and the external genital organs, at higher doses also in other vascular zones which is due to a block of alpha-adrenergic receptors. It has a hypotensive, uterotonic, antiemetic and antidiuretic action. Its main therapeutic effect - aphrodisiac - is due to both the increased blood supply of the organs in the small pelvis and to the increased excitability of the centers in the spinal cord, related to the sexual reflex.

The preparation is applied to patients with psychogenic impotence, amenorrhea due to infantilism and hypertensive diseases.

Yohimbin is not applied in inflammatory processes in the pelvic and genital organs.

Headahce, dizziness, suppression of respiration, stenocardic fits, edema of testicles, menorrhagia, hematuria and bloody diarrhea may be observed after higher doses.

Yohimbin can potentiate the effect of the remaining hypotensive drugs.

Yohimbin should be applied cautiously to aged patients or patients with unstable hypertension.

Tablets of 10 mg in packs of 10.

At moderate temperature (15-30 C), in a place protected from moisture.

5 (five) years.


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